Athletes have for ages resorted to cheating while participating in sporting events by taking drugs that provided them with extra energy. For the uninitiated, the human body produces and secretes testosterone and other enzymes that increase the rate of metabolism of their body, thereby increasing their energy levels as metabolism burns body fat and converts it into energy, required for performing all tasks. However, this secretion decreases as they grow older, reducing their ability to perform well on sporting events. To overcome this, athletes resorted to taking drugs that contain synthetic versions of enzymes like testosterone. This boosts their metabolic rate and allows them to perform better on the field. These cheats had a great time winning one event after the other until the formation of the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA). The officials of WADA researched and created chemicals used to test the presence of drugs in the saliva, blood, urine, and hair follicles of the athletes. If the test results were positive, the authorities of WADA would ban the athlete concerned from participating in active sports for several years. If the athlete was caught resorting to drugs again after the end of the suspension period, they would be permanently banned from participating in sporting events.

Avoiding being caught by WADA
Athletes resort to many methods to avoid being caught by the drug tests conducted by WADA. They know that the presence of drugs in their blood and saliva does not remain longer than a week after they have stopped taking the drugs. Apart from this, they used to drink lots of water a week or so before the test date to ensure removing all traces of drugs from this system. It was not long before the authorities of WADA realized this and started conducting urine tests. Traces of drugs in the body that does not show up in blood and saliva tests, show up in urine tests. This created panic among competitors who realized that they were no longer safe from being detected positive in a urine test. However, it was not long before certain companies started marketing fake urine. This consisted of a kit along with powder, which when mixed with water, formed a solution that had all the parameters of real urine such as specific gravity, color, smell, and temperature. The athletes used to drop this solution created by the powder in the receptacle provided to them by the authorities of WADA, and handing back the receptacle to them.

Fake urine no longer helps
Initially, it was impossible for the WADA authorities to understand that the athletes were cheating them. However, it was not long before the specialists of that agency found out details about fake urine, and started accompanying athletes for collecting their urine samples. It was impossible to mix fake urine with water in front of the authorities. Keeping this in mind, the athletes purchased special kits that allowed them to test their urine for traces of drugs. They started taking cleansing agents to remove the presence of drugs from their body and check their urine with the detection kit. They repeated this process until their urine no longer tested positive for drugs. However, they were in for a disastrous shock when the authorities of WADA started testing their hair follicles. Although drugs do not remain in the body for a long time, it remains in the hair follicles for as long as three months after the athletes stopped taking performance-boosting drugs.

The solution
The best way to stay a step ahead of WADA is using specially formulated shampoos whose foam penetrate your skull, enter into the hair follicles, and cleanses it of all traces of toxins. Many companies manufacture such shampoos. However, as not all of them work perfectly, it is important to check the testimonials on websites selling detox shampoos, posted by previous buyers of the shampoo. You should drink lots of water daily and use the shampoo thoroughly for at least a fortnight before the date WADA has summoned you for conducting drug tests. If you follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer of the shampoo, you will not test positive in the hair follicle drug test. For more information about this subject, visit