A hair follicle drug test is one of the best drug tests out there. It is difficult to pass a hair follicle drug test as when compared with the other testing methods the hair on the body does not renew itself and traces of drugs stay in the hair for months. That is why this test is very difficult to beat. The other common drug tests are urine test and blood test and since urine and blood renew frequently it is easier to pass these tests. The hair on your body will keep the drug information safe from the time you used the substance several months ago. So how does one pass a hair test?

There are several reasons why these drug tests take place. For some organization, it is part of their policy to check their employees for drug use. In some employment firm, the candidate has to clear a drug test during the hiring phase where other organizations conduct random drug tests for their permanent employees. The use of these tests is not limited to employment only as athletes, performers, coaches, and trainers have to appear for these tests by their respective offices. The prime aim of the test is to make sure the person is not a drug user and has a substance abuse problem.

Another reason for drug testing is to make sure the person is not hooked to his medication. Some health centers and rehabilitation unit treating patients with addiction seldom do the drug test to make certain the patient has not relapsed and started drug use again.

Hair tests are correct, hard to pass, and difficult to work your way around it. Most hair tests are able to detect drug use in your system for as long as 90 days and this is one of the longest durations. The only upside for this is that you will get a confirmation of being clean if you did not use the drug for a long time, however, if you have been on drugs then nothing will work to your advantage.

There are only a few things you may do to clear these hair tests. Firstly the most natural and safe way is to stop taking any drugs. Whether it is a sports enhancement drug, an overdose of medicines, or serious addiction to drugs like cocaine, the addiction problem will ruin your life so it is better to turn your life around and give up using drugs.

But what if you took some drugs as a one-off thing and now have a hair test coming up? You do not want to miss that college admission or a chance on a sports team or a new job. This is where you need to think and come up with a way to get through the test.

Unfortunately, there is not much you will find when it comes to an unannounced on the spot hair test, Although such tests are rare, some companies conduct surprise drug inspection on the spot. If you are unlucky to be in such a scenario the best solution is to come out in the open and discuss your problem with your employer.

If you have a date in hand for an upcoming drug test you still have time to do certain things. Detox shampoos are available in the market and you should start using them on your hair 2-3 times a day. During this time you should exercise hard, run a lot and try to drink as much water as you can. This will help your body to release the toxin and increase your chances of clearing the hair follicle drug test. If you will not raise a few eyebrows than the sure shot way to get through these test is to go bald. Remove all hair from your body from the day you think you took a drug. When your new hair will come they will not have the traces of drugs in it. However, doing this will make you visible and you may be asked by your testing team on why you went bald before the test. Think of some reasons. Medication is the last resort there are few medicines that help to reduce toxin or in other cases at least add constituents that may hamper or mislead your drug test.

These are just some of the ways where you may get a chance to clear the hair test but all said and done it is very difficult to get through these test in general.