Not getting enough protein can cause a lot of problems. If you feel like you’re always lethargic or unable to move despite the fact that you have no kind of physical disability–that’s one sure sign that you’re not getting enough protein. Now protein powders are like a shortcut.

The truth is, it’s not always possible to be getting enough protein every single meal. For example, there may not be enough bacon, eggs, cheese or milk for everyone in the house. Even if there is, you may not have enough time to be getting enough protein in your body because of your job, your house chores, or even your social life.

Protein powders to the rescue. Wheelhouse Nutrition protein powder is one perfect example of how you can get yourself out of the mess of not getting enough protein. You can mix it with your favorite drink at any time of the day. No need to measure how much protein is found in a pound of cheese, a strip of bacon or one egg.

Wheelhouse protein powder is an open secret. There’s no hocus pocus or anything to hide. Just plain protein powders to mix with juice, your favorite blend or even just plain water. So how difficult is it to be getting enough protein again?

Now that you’ve answered the burning question yourself, there’s another question that needs to be addressed and that is, why getting enough protein is so important. Here’s how it works. Just like bacon or cheese, protein powders are loaded with protein goodness.

The difference is, the exact amount of protein in say, milk is variable. With protein powders, the exact amount of protein is as specific as it can get.For you can see it all on the product label.

Some protein powders may taste bland or simply tasteless. But they are not usually taken by themselves. Protein powders often go with fruits, syrups, and even vegetables. When you own a blender, you know what protein powders can do, especially when crushed or blended ice is added to the equation.

Protein powders can become protein shakes in a matter of minutes through the sheer alchemy of the blender. Now here’s what happens once you start getting enough protein through protein powders and other means.

For plants, the process is known as photosynthesis. However, for animals like humans, the buzzword is protein synthesis. In order for this wonderful process to begin, getting enough protein should be a reality and not just a dream.

As this actually happens, the protein accumulation enables the natural production of energy as well as muscle growth. All the more power to lift chairs, tables, weights, and 50-pound boxes in the warehouse. So when you suddenly feel sluggish or unable to lift weights, you know what the culprit is. You’re not getting enough protein.

One simple lifestyle change that you can implement to enable the magic of protein synthesis is to take protein powders like Wheelhouse. It’s there for the taking and a much better alternative than taking power drinks that unfortunately are loaded more with artificial sugars than real protein goodness.

So what’s actually happening is you’re still not getting enough protein. You’re simply taking more sugar which the body naturally converts into fat when there is an excess. You still need sugar for short bursts of energy.

But for long-term energy and activity, getting enough protein is still your best bet. And besides, too much sugar dependence can be a bad thing in the long run because of the risks of contracting diabetes. That’s why protein powders the likes of Wheelhouse is easy on the sugar.

Wheelhouse Nutrition protein powder is also plant-based, which means that you’re getting enough protein the healthy way instead of the risky way. After all, too much animal protein can sometimes lead to the hardening of arteries, increased bad cholesterol level, and heart congestion problems.

Hence, getting enough protein the animal way all the time can be bad for you. Red meat, in particular, should be used less often for purposes of getting enough protein. Whenever possible, you’re much better off getting enough protein from either white meat or plants.

Too much red meat intake is also known to cause cancer, and so eating steak and other beef products should be done sparingly at the rate of every few weeks. Even taking red meat weekly can be hazardous to your health, especially when your bad cholesterol levels are already pretty high.

Protein powder can take getting used to, especially if you’re not used to the milk or protein shake lifestyle. But the more you try, the better the results. And besides, getting enough protein the vegan way is a far more healthy alternative.

The trick to being able to adopt the protein shake lifestyle is putting in something into the blender that you love. If you love bananas and strawberries, for instance, you know what to do. The same goes if your taste buds prefer broccoli and other vegetable goodness. If you just can’t do without meat, you can blend in just enough meat to satisfy your personal requirements. Getting enough protein need not be rocket science. For protein powders such as Wheelhouse Nutrition protein powder in particular–the secret is in the blender.